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If youre anything like me, you'll have hundreds of messages and lots of conversations kept in Kik.

How To View Elder Messages in Kik

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often I will have a few conversations running at the same time for a array of subjects and I also need to keep my talk history so I will keep up with all the current different threads. Every one of which got me personally thinking, how will you view older messages in Kik and may you back them up before they are deleted?

Kik is just a message service that is push. It doesn't keep your chats and will not store copies of whatever you deliver. The Kik servers are merely message relays. They get your message from your Kik app, find the receiver within the user database and forward that message on. The recipients Kik application then notifies the Kik host the message was received after which read that the host drops the thread.

There's absolutely no storage, no monitoring with no retention of your communications. This is one of many significant reasons Kik is indeed popular. Its extremely difficult to track your use and all messages disappear once the deal is complete.

That does provide a couple of practical problems though. All messages are conserved on your phone within the Kik application. If anything happens to your phone or the app is deleted or corrupted, your communications disappear.

Viewing older communications in Kik

When you are logged into Kik, your communications must certanly be noticeable within limitations.

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