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Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Proposing illegal Expansion of Hunting Areas for Some Tribes in Unwritten Side Agreements.

Department Determined in 2015 Those Tribes Had No Evidence of Treaty-Based Hunting Rights within the Expanded Areas.

The Quileute Tribe

The Quileute Tribe is situated in La Push, Washington, regarding the shores associated with the Pacific Ocean. The Quileute Tribe has resided and hunted in this area for 1000s of years. The Tribe’s original territory stretched along the shores of the Pacific from the glaciers of Mount Olympus to the rivers of the rain forests although the village of La Push is only about one square mile. Much has changed since those times, however the Quileute Elders remember “back within the days” when the “old people” dared challenge kwalla, the whale that is mighty and recounted the tale of how the bayak, or raven, put sunlight into the sky.

Due to the remote location of Los Angeles drive, the Quileute have built a tourism industry that acts those l king for a relaxing getaway or a rejuvenating adventure.

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