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Azure Government is employed by Department of Defense (DoD) entities to deploy a broad range of workloads and solutions, including those workloads covered by The DoD Cloud Computing Security criteria Guide, variation 1, launch 3 at Impact Level 4 (L4), and Impact degree 5 (L5).

Department of Defense (DoD) in Azure Government


Azure Government may be the very first and just hyperscale commercial cloud service to be granted an Information Impact amount 5 DoD Provisional Authorization by the Defense Suggestions Systems Agency. In addition, Azure Government areas specialized in US Department of Defense customer workloads are now generally speaking available.

Certainly one of one of the keys drivers for the DoD in going to your cloud would be to allow companies to focus on their missions and minmise the distractions to build and managing in-house IT solutions.

Azure Government-based cloud architectures enable DoD workers to focus on mission objectives, and handling IT commodity services such as for example SharePoint and other application workloads.

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