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All you need to find out about being truly a Submissive Brat & Fetlife nickname some ideas

I’m a submissive. There’s no question about any of it. I don’t switch. I enjoy submit myself up to a dominant. That i’m a Submissive Brat if you’ve read my Brazen bio you’ll know!

A Brat’s a sub who actively goes against the demands of their dominant(s) or is purposefully mischievous, impolite, rude and naughty to encourage harsher punishments in general terms.

One reason why I favor being fully a Brat is that I’m nearly in charge of just how much I’m punished. I adore to breeze a Dom up each day, seeing them be a little more and much more pissed off beside me does not simply make me personally hot but let’s me know I’m in big difficulty too; that doesn’t stop me personally though – it creates me more mischievous.

This is where things start getting interesting so eventually, it gets to the point where the Dom has had enough of a Brat’s crap

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Usually the Dom will want an apology, they won’t get one from the real Brat though, at least perhaps not immediately. It’s important to know that this really isn’t the Brats punishment but alternatively the Dom obtaining the Brat to acknowledge to exactly what they’ve done through domination and apologise.

At this time the Brat can antagonise the Dom further by telling them things like “You don’t scare me!”, asking if “That’s all you could’ve got?”, telling them they’ll never ever obtain an apology away from both you and pretending never to understand what you’ve done incorrect, and also swearing at their dominant. This generally advances the harshness associated with Dom’s actions, that will be just what a Brat is after.

Once the Dom finally extracts an apology it is taken being an admittance of guilt because of the Brat.

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