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The unstable branch of Mageia, now is a great time to get involved with packaging with Mageia 8 just released and development for Mageia 9 getting underway in Cauldron

Have a go at Mageia, become a Packager

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Our company is just starting to l k at the features that individuals wish to consist of for Mageia 9, and as it's therefore early in the development cycle, this is the time for major developments, or big updates to key bits of software. This can be a excellent time to participate the project you would like to see, help to implement large changes or see how a distribution evolves through development, stabilisation and then is released as you can propose features.

If there is an application that you're thinking about, should you want to help keep part of the distribution, or if you want to learn something new, there are lots of possibilities to achieve this aided by the packaging team.Those who possess understanding of rpm packaging l king to jump directly in might want to miss the next area and head up to the learning to be a Mageia Packager web page here on the Mageia wiki.

Packaging a bit of software involves using the source code through the upstream developer and turning it into something which is effortlessly handled by the end-users of an installed Mageia system. This requires ensuring that the package has most of the required dependencies to both correctly build and run, as well as tuning the configuration regarding the create and installed software to be optimal for the Mageia ecosystem. This is done by writing a spec file that is used as a recipe to create an installable rpm package.

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